Blogging since 2011

I think it would be fascinating to have cameras follow me around and record my every move… Not for the camera people, or the eventual viewers of the reality show (of which there would be very few, I am sure). Not even for my stalkers, if I have them (I don’t).

I am just convinced that people put on their best face and are their most amazing selves if they know other people are watching, hearing or reading them. Imagine how well you would be treated everywhere you went if people’s faces and words were on the record, all the time, or if their reputation were at stake.

There’s also all the attention curious onlookers will give you that you just wouldn’t be able to get away from. And let’s not kid ourselves, we all love attention. We just wish we can get it for the right reasons all the time.

The editors-to-be of my reality show would have their work cut out for them. No, not because they wouldn’t be able to choose which brawls, meltdowns and trips to the eyeball whitener to air, but rather because they would scramble to find 22 minutes of TV-worthy drama every week. Drama is not my forte. But I do read, talk, listen, eat and watch anything and everything.

So I started this blog, and simply (and vainly) named it after myself, secretly hoping to turn myself into a brand. We’ll see how that goes and how long it takes me to get a book deal. But I’m not holding my breath.

You’re still here? Good. I guess I have to be on my best behavior.

What I’m watching, eating, reading and everythinging.


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