You would think that I wouldn’t eat my weight in pistachios in one sitting, because there is so much work involved in de-shelling them.

But I honestly think of all of that as a reward for my hard work.

“The Pistachio Principle” suggests that the act of de-shelling pistachios and eating them one by one tricks the mind and slows down consumption by making people feel full and eating less. Thankfully I have been able to train my mind to fight this foolishness and continue to indulge.

I also don’t like to mess with a good thing. Roasted and unsalted is the way to go.

And for those worrying about all the fat in nuts, almost 90 per cent of the fat found in pistachios is healthy mono- and poly-unsaturated fat.

Pistachios = good and good for you. End of story.


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