Fruit Ninja Crack

Every few months, a game comes along that has me obnoxiously addicted to it for a short time.

I consider myself a serial addict. I become addicted to a lot of things, but never for more than a week or so. Thankfully this “disease” only stretches to music, food and games.

A new song comes out, and I play the heck out of it for days, then get so sick of it that I almost get angry when I hear it on the radio or when my iTunes shuffles it into play.

Remember Sudoku, the paper version? It’s still around, of course, but I can’t even look at a board anymore without feeling queasy: I spent a six-hour road trip a few years ago solving Sudoku puzzles I had printed off the Internet.

 Bejeweled Blitz and Family Feud on Facebook were a time-suck within a time-suck for a few weeks. The fact that I could instantly compare my scores with my Facebook friends and compete with them had me hooked for a little longer.

This week’s obsession is FRUIT NINJA’s Arcade Mode on iPhone (also available on iPod Touch and Android). Much like Bejeweled Blitz, you have 60 seconds to chop and slice flying pineapples, limes, kiwis, bananas, apples, and many other fruits, the names of some of which I frankly do not know. But they look like fancy island fruits.

You get one point per fruit, but slicing three or more fruits at once doubles your points (i.e. you get one point per fruit if you slice one or two at a time, but SIX points if you clear three at once, EIGHT points if you clear four in one move, and so on.) But be careful, there are bombs that will deduct 10 points from your score (not to mention that they’ll totally kill your groove).  There are also the bananas… Oh, the bananas! Three kinds of magical and shiny bananas will randomly be float on the screen in Arcade mode.

The Freeze banana will freeze time and make everything move slower, giving you (and your eyes) more time to strategically slice a combination of fruits while avoiding the bombs.

The Frenzy banana will give your fingers the workout they never get. There will be fruits. They will be everywhere. Just slice, slice, slice.

The Score x2 banana doubles the points you get for a short period of time.

Because they appear randomly, there is actually quite a bit of luck involved in getting a decent high score. Ideally, you want some overlap with your banana time, i.e. getting a x2 banana just before Freeze and Frenzy bananas.

That’s how I got my high score of 785. It took days, and probably a hundred tries, but I finally obliterated my two-day-old high score of 606 on Monday evening.

I probably have another day or two before before I get sick of this (see serial addiction); I hope I can beat myself before Fruit Ninja starts collecting digital dust in my app library.


2 thoughts on “Fruit Ninja Crack

  1. James May 18, 2011 / 17:40

    I needa start playing this game again. It was always my favourite though, mainly because I suck at both Angry Birds and Tiny Wings. Love playing with sound, that’s half the fun.

    Keep up the good work Chris!


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