I beat myself!

I have outdone myself.

I am my own toughest competition.

On a whim, I started playing Fruit Ninja again and after only a few tries, I beat my own previous high score of 785.

As you can imagine, this was one of the proudest moments of my life. I had a feeling I was going to beat my 785 when I had 500 points at the 30-second mark. Frenzy, Double Points, yes! Oh here comes the Freeze banana! No one talk to me! Everyone look away!

Sure enough, after getting a 90-point bonus at the end, 852 became my new number.

High fives were flying, the champagne was pouring… But the moment didn’t last. Here’s a video that rained on my Fruit Ninja parade. My high score is higher than my peers’, but it’s not higher than this human’s.

I. Will. Beat. 1,000.

Obviously the game takes some skill, digit dexterity and smart strategy ( you need to clear 3 fruits at a time, AT LEAST, and if you’re just clearing one with each move you are wasting your time), but there is also some luck involved. The bananas appear randomly, but it’s almost impossible to score more than 800 points if there isn’t at least some overlap (i.e. a Double Points Banana during a Fruit Frenzy!).

But if you keep your mojo up long enough, every combo (3 or more fruits cleared at a time) COULD bag you an extra 5-30 points (they call them Blitz!).

What are your high scores?


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