It’s a mom’s world

“Shouldn’t every day be [secular holiday] Day?”

That’s all I ever hear whenever some non-religious day or event comes along.

“Love your significant other every day, not just Feb. 14.”

“Black history has to be celebrated every month, not just February!” (also true)

“Why wait for Halloween to scare people and TP their front yards?”

Okay, I may have made up that last one.

But Mother’s Day can only come once a year. Be nice to your mom every day. Appreciate her every day. But for the love of God, do not take her to brunch or make her lunch everyday. Psychologically, those things are not sustainable.

For Mother’s Day, my father and I will be barbecuing as my mother watches supervises takes over every step of the operation. We’re also watching NBA playoff games on ABC. If this isn’t what she wants to do, she is damn good at pretending it is.

There is no mother-son relationship on television or in movies that is like the one I have with my mother—we enjoy watching hours of HGTV (Kitchen Cousins, Income Property, Property Virgins, House Hunters, regular and International versions) and the Food Network (ChoppedIron Chef, and anything Giada hosts (or Bobby Flay, for mama))—but here is a slideshow of some television, movie and famous moms who epitomize the tennets of motherhood (like judgementalism and patience.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, for good measure, a clip of some of the worst mothers in movies (via Huffington Post Entertainment)


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