It’s hard out there for Chris Hanna

At the risk of causing you to roll your eyes, I have to write about how hard it is to be Chris Hanna.

Not how hard it is to be me. But really how hard it is to be named Chris Hanna. I had no idea how common the name was until I signed up for an email account… then a WordPress account, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn (while I’m not a huge LinkedIn fan, I’ve been advised to at least set up a profile and keep it up-to-date, and this article by Forbes suggests the same)! Christians, Christophers, even Christines and Christinas, all go by Chris these days.

What’s most infuriating about being a Chris Hanna is that the other Chris Hannas—or at least ONE other Chris Hanna—don’t take care of their e-selves.

When I first set up my email account, all variations of my name were already in use (chrishanna, channa, hannachris, hchris, etc.) I was left with no choice but to add a number to to my address, so I went with my year of birth, 88. It wasn’t ideal, but it was better than having to resort to something truly unique, like chriscross, hannathemanna, chrishannaxxx, or other ridiculous things that I would probably be surprised to learn are already in use.

Still, I wish I didn’t have to divulge my year of birth on something as public as a WordPress blog or email address. I also wish I can just have no-frills electronic accounts. I’d feel better about not having them if the people who did have them took better care of them.

Exhibit A:

This Chris Hanna created the blog almost three years ago, and the only post that has been uploaded to the website is the generic, model one with which WordPress sets up any new account.

Exhibit B: @chrishanna

Twitter’s @chrishanna is a Christine Hanna with 31 followers and more than 300 tweets. Her profile is protected (so *not* the point of Twitter, btw.)

My Twitter handle is @Chris_Hanna, and I actually prefer the underscore: Christine’s handle reads a little more like “Chrishawna” than Chris Hanna. I also signed up for Twitter more than three years ago, before it was massive like it is today.

Exhibit C:

My suspicion is that this Chris Hanna is also behind the abandoned account (or Chris Hannas are notorious for saying they’ll post to their blog more regularly and then don’t… Not me, though…). Created almost three years ago, the Tumblr only has two entries: quotes from Neil Gaiman and Woody Allen.


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