Joshua Ledet needed to win American Idol

American Idol’s 11th season’s saving grace was contestant Joshua Ledet, who was eliminated after making it to the competition’s final three. Ledet was consistently praised by the judges and his rousing vocals were electrifying and energetic enough to keep me tuning in through the rest of the lame performances. Ledet, 20, is from Louisiana and the son of a preacher: to say that these things played a major role on his singing style would be an understatement. Unfortunately, Ledet is about three decades too late: soul has no place in today’s pop music landscape, which makes his elimination all the more devastating.

Who will sign Joshua Ledet to release a soul/gospel/R&B/blues album? More importantly, who will buy it?***

(***Update: according to Joshua Ledet’s Facebook page, he has “signed a huge deal” and promised his fans that they would be “hearing a lot more from me real soon.”)

The remaining contestants are definitely sellable. Phillip Phillips has that indie/rock thing going that’s all the rage on the FM dial these days. Jessica Sanchez is the 16-year-old with the powerhouse pipes. She’ll be fine.

Joshua Ledet needed to win to secure a record deal. He did introduce a new generation of people to his Percy Sledge/James Brown style, but had he been crowned the American Idol, it would have given soul and R&B a platform to possibly make a comeback.

But let’s stop pretending that the competition isn’t rigged. At the end of the day, the producers need to make sure the winner will sell records to secure their bottom line. And it’s a lot more dramatic to have the judges use their save on the eventual winner—”a first in Idol history”, Ryan Seacrest will surely announce if Jessica Sanchez is crowned the winner.

The American Idol finale will air on FOX/CTV on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for what is sure to be an unnecessarily drawn-out 900- three-hour extravaganza. For the third year in a row (and seventh overall), there remains one male and one female contestant. If Phillip Phillips wins, he will be the fifth year in a row (and sixth overall) that a white male contestant wins the title—Scott McCreery in 2011, Lee DeWyze in 2010, Kris Allen in 2009, David Cook in 2008, and Taylor Hicks in 2006, and yes, I had to look that up!

If Jessica Sanchez wins, she will be the youngest to ever do so. I also have a suspicion that the Idol people didn’t want to have a similar winner to The Voice, a singing competition on NBC: Jermaine Paul, who used to sing backup vocals with Alicia Keys, won the second season of that show.

Of course there’s Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, who didn’t win but made names for themselves. But for every one of those, there are dozens of RJ Heltons, Leah Labelles, Didi Benamis, Julie DeMatos, Lindsey Cardinales, Danny Gokeys, Chikezie Ezes and Charles Grigsbys. Who?


Joshua Ledet singing “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” on May 9:

Ledet singing “When A Man Loves A Woman” on March 14:


3 thoughts on “Joshua Ledet needed to win American Idol

  1. Lisa Bell May 20, 2012 / 00:42

    Yes I would buy his CD not down load but buy it all things work together for his good i truly believe Joshua is anoited and will be very blessed and we have not seen the last of him amen!!!!!


    • Chris Hanna May 20, 2012 / 11:29

      Thanks for reading, Lisa! Rumor has it Joshua has signed something… at least according to something he posted to his Facebook page. Check out the update in the story above that links to his announcement.
      Take care.

      – Chris


  2. Leslie June 7, 2012 / 17:47

    You ask, “who would buy his music”, I would with out a doubt. I watched idol every week until he was voted off (a first for me) just to hear him sing and I have downloaded all of his i tune singles. I can’t wait until he has a album, I wll be buying it as soon as it comes out. I really hope a record company was smart enough to sign him, because I miss listening to him every Wednesday. I want more. Joshua, Joshua, Joshua!!!!!!


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