Where have all the scripted shows gone?

On Wednesday, the only scripted show airing on the Big 4 American networks at 8 p.m. was a repeat of Suburgatory, followed by a repeat of Modern Family on ABC.

NBC won the night with the season premiere of singing competition The Voice and America’s Got Talent, with FOX’s season-two premiere of The X Factor (featuring a much hyped about panel of judges) coming in a far second for the timeslot. 

Modern Family
The fourth season of Modern Family premieres on ABC (CityTV in Canada) on Wednesday, Sept. 26.

It was more of the same Thursday. At 8 p.m., CBS was the only network airing a scripted show (the insufferable Big Bang Theory, an inexplicable ratings juggernaut), with more X Factor on FOX, Wipeout on ABC and the America’s Got Talent finale on NBC.

The Emmy Awards will air on ABC on Sept. 23. Hopefully that’ll be a good reminder wake-up call to viewers (and networks) alike that there is some great, quality, scripted programming out there.


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