Recap: Jonah Hill on Saturday Night Live (with video)

Jonah Hill and Taran Killam on SNL 2014

Jonah Hill is hosting tonight’s all-new Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Bastille.

It’s Hill’s third time hosting, and it’s hot on the announcement of his second Oscar nomination, this time for his supporting work in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Hill is also the voice of Green Lantern in the upcoming Lego Movie.

Join me at 11:30 p.m. as I recap the show, sketch by sketch.

You can check out the promo with Hill and Taran Killam here.

Yahoo Screen has clips of Hill’s first appearances on the show. Check out his monologue (with a cameo by Tom Hanks) about being nominated for an Oscar for Moneyball and a sketch in which he plays Evan Grossman, a six-year-old who skewers his father and his father’s new girlfriend.


Cold open / Road to Sochi: Heterosexual figure skating

Taran Killam’s Scott Hamilton and Cecily Strong’s Tara Lipinski are commentators on a heterosexual figure skating competition. It’s just guys in regular clothes – cargo pants and sports jerseys or polos – who don’t know how to skate or do really hetero stuff, non-flamboyant skating.

Video via


Members of the audience ask questions to host Jonah Hill, and the first two are only interested in what Leonardo DiCaprio is like. The third is Brad Pitt, who commends him on his dramatic turns … and then asks him about DiCaprio. Hill starts to bash DiCaprio as DiCaprio walks out, and Hill backtracks. “I was being a big shot,” Hill apologizes to DiCaprio. They riff off each other well and Hill plays nervous puppy well. He asks Leo to help him calm his nerves by doing what they did on the set of Wolf: this.

Video via

Six-year-old Adam Grossman

This wasn’t as good as the last/first two times they did this with Jonah Hill, but Hill pulls it off. He’s the only one with any (funny) lines. He’s the kid at Benihana who acts and talks like a human way older than 6. It’s clever, but not as strong as this sketch has been. Read the transcript of the first and second Adam Grossman sketch. Yahoo has the clip of the second Adam Grossman sketch.

The Hit

A Hill-free pre-recorded sketch about three thugs about to pull of a robbery, or murder, or something, but their “tough-guy” talk is interrupted by each of them talking about the weather or other cutesy, non-thug things. I liked this, but I’m reluctant to. Why are pre-recorded sketches becoming stronger than the live portions of the show?

Couples Quiz! 

Does Kenan Thompson have the monopoly on playing game-show hosts? This game show’s a Newlyweds-type contest between two couples, but we never get to the actual game in the sketch because the producers need to solve a backstage mystery: who clogged the toilet? I expect a short, immature sketch like this towards the end of the night. Pre-Update? Doesn’t give me high hopes for the rest of the show.

Weekend Update

On Justin Bieber’s dad: “He’s what you get if Ed Hardy released a line of people.” On a Victoria’s Secret store in Texas banning breast feeding: “They don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about what breasts are for.” Kate McKinnon’s Olya Povlatsky returned to talk about how terrible Russia is. Cecily Strong is really holding her own on Update. She’s improved her timing and delivery every week and I think she could have hosted it by herself after Seth Meyers left. Next week’s episode is Seth Meyers’ last before head writer Colin Jost replaces him on the Update desk.

Sweetland Ranch

A sketch with no jokes until about mid-way through. The punchline was a violent horse, though, and was just not funny.

Me (Her parody)

Jonah Hill assumed the Joaquin Phoenix role from Her and a lot of what they did in this pre-recorded sketch was almost exactly like the Spike Jonze film. Except the operating system sounds just like the Hill character, hence Me. Michael Cera played the surrogate and did a weird dance that was a sorta highlight.

Video via Tumblr.

Dinner party

Jonah Hill is a nervous dinner party guest who screams at himself in the bathroom when he mistakenly referred to a Waldorf salad as a Cobb salad. But the guests can hear him. The bar has been lowered so something like this passes as one of the better sketches of the night.

Inside SoCal

The third pre-recorded sketch of the night was also the lamest.

Porn stars

They’re back! And the male guest misses his cue. It’s the same thing over and over again, with Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer mispronouncing stuff. It worked so well the first time they did it, then not so well the following hundred times. Tonight, not at all. Time to let these girls retire maybe?

Jonah Hill’s third time hosting Saturday Night Live certainly was not a charm. The monologue and surprise appearance by Leonardo DiCaprio was the highlight. There were lots of low lights, head scratchers and eye rolls, led by the “Inside SoCal” and “Sweetland Ranch” sketches. Too bad, because tonight’s Update was very strong.

Next week, Melissa McCarthy hosts her third SNL, with musical guest Imagine Dragons. It’ll be the last show before SNL takes a month-long break (NBC is the Olympics network).


2 thoughts on “Recap: Jonah Hill on Saturday Night Live (with video)

  1. K January 26, 2014 / 04:17

    Can’t believe you didn’t get the humor of Sweetland ranch with the fake horse. It was hilarious!! Anyone who has spent time around horses would love it.


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