Recap: Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live (with video)

SNL Melissa McCarthy 2014

Tonight is Melissa McCarthy’s third time hosting Saturday Night Live and I can’t say that it went any better than Jonah Hill’s third time from last week.

The comedienne blew up after her role as the rough-around-the-edges bridesmaid in Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids, co-written by SNL alumna Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, for which McCarthy got an Oscar nomination.

Her last two times on SNL were great, albeit heavy on physicality and costumes. Among the highlights: She was a “weird sister” on the Lawrence Welk Show; Arlene, the aggressive office worker whose advances are turned down; Barb Kelner, pizza eater, a woman who applies for a business loan – her idea: she’ll finish people’s leftover pizzas. There were a lot of physical bits tonight, too, but they were way more misses than hits.

The musical guest tonight is Imagine Dragons who performed with Kendrick Lamar at the Grammys last week – and Lamar made an appearance in the band’s first performance tonight.

Tonight was the last episode of Saturday Night Live for a month! (NBC is the Olympics broadcaster) It was also Seth Meyers’ last time at the Update desk. He’s taking over Late Night later this month. SNL head writer Colin Jost will sit at the Update desk with Cecily Strong when the show comes back on March 1, with host and musical guest TBD.

Check out this week’s promo with Melissa McCarthy and Kenan Thompson. Join me at 11:30 p.m. ET here and on Twitter as I recap tonight’s SNL sketch by sketch.


Cold open

A Fox sports parody amping up the Super Bowl halftime show replacement. Bruno Mars missed it because his flight had to be rerouted because of the polar vortex. The replacement is some cheesy Broadway musicals about dancers prancing around in glittered football gear. “There’s no Seattle, there’s no Denver, there’s just love,” sing a chorus of performers. I liked the numbers, but with one of the commentators storming off, they lost me with the notion/joke that this is only funny and ridiculous because the manly men who watch the Super Bowl could never like musical theatre. As my good friend Kamila Hinkson tweeted …

Video via


Bobby Moynihan has a bone to pick with host Melissa McCarthy. She was apparently rude to him the last time she hosted (as evidenced by a pre-recorded bit that showed a dolled up McCarthy being a total badass), so to settle the score, they fight Crouching Tiger style. It’s a different monologue (and for one of only a handful of times this season, not a musical) and they wasted to time having McCarthy really push it physically. Suspended in the air (Pink-style), she did a few back flips before Taran Killam declared her the winner.

Video via

CVS Valentine’s Day

What do you get your loved one for Valentine’s Day? How about something useless from CVS that you can pikc up a minute before giving it. The first pre-recorded sketch of the night. SNL used to be so good with these and this one wasn’t bad, I just don’t know that it broke any new ground.

Delaware News / Sheila Kelly

A semi-prerecorded sketch poking fun at that Rep. Michael Grimm video threatening a reporter. This one’s about Rep. Sheila Kelly (McCarthy) who loses it on people who on a reporter but doesn’t realize the cameraman is still filming … so she breaks his camera, but that’s caught on a passerby’s cellphone camera, so she breaks that one too in an underground garage – and that’s on tape too! It’s a one-joke sketch that was repeated four times. McCarthy is all in and SNL obviously knows she rules at this physical stuff, but it doesn’t excuse the repetitiveness.

Video via

Women’s group

Four sweet, well-coiffed white women are on a mission of self improvement. Then there’s Melissa McCarthy’s character, sporting a slicked back do whose only mission is avenging the death of her father. She even has a vision board with photos of her father’s murderer. The other women have new kitchens, flowers, Jennifer Hudson and yogurt on theirs. The other women start to question McCarthy’s intent because her mission is “less about finding your best self and more about murder.” McCarthy is great and her timing and commitment are impeccable. She even gets to jump through a window, Sue-style, at the end, but I’ve yet to really find any sketch very funny tonight.

Guess That Phrase!

I really hate these game-show sketches. They always feature two overzealous contestants and one cooky one who gets stuff wrong and doesn’t know the rules. It’s the same concept and joke over and over again.

Black History Month 

A pre-recorded sketch/song featuring Jay Pharoah, Kenan Thompson and Sasheer Zamata.

Video of “28 Reasons to Hug a Black Guy” via Tumblr.

Imagine Dragons

They played “Radioactive” and Kendrick Lamar made a surprise appearance. That was fun. The rest wasn’t.

Weekend Update

A shorter “news” portion of Update tonight to make enough time for a Seth Meyers send-off. It was his last Update tonight, and old friends Amy Poehler and Stefon (Bill Hader) stopped by … and Andy Samberg? 

Video via

Post-update sketches

The bar is set lower for post-Update sketches, but tonight’s selection was verging on the unacceptable. First, a museum sketch that seemed to go on way too long with a live painting exhibition being disrupted by a surly McCarthy janitor character. Then a Girlfriends Talk Show segment that is exactly like every other GTS sketch they’ve done. Hm.

Imagine Dragons Pt. II

They sang another song. This time, Kendrick Lamar did not appear.


Melissa McCarthy is really great at the physical-comedy bits but tonight’s stuff is really weak. She plays yet another surly, crazy-haired lady, but in this sketch she eats baby back ribs messily.

Super Champions with Kyle

The awkward interviewer hits the streets to talk to tourists in New York for the Super Bowl. Given the mess that post-Update (and most of the show) has been, this is one of the strongest bits tonight.


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