Emmys 2014: If I could vote

Emmys on NBC Aug. 25 8 p.m.

The Emmys are on a Monday? In August? Yeah.

It happens when the network airing the awards show – NBC this year – doesn’t want to devote a Sunday in September to an awards show where it might leave empty-handed (can The Voice repeat a win in the reality-competition program category?) when it could air a ratings juggernaut like Sunday Night Football. The host networks also pimp out their own people during the broadcast so this year, Late Night‘s affable Seth Meyers will be emceeing TV’s biggest night.

It’s easy to fault the Emmys when they overlook so many great performances every year; 2014 was no different. But there really is so much great TV being produced that inevitably someone amazing gets left out. But the Emmys’ allergy to network television (no Good WifeScandalParenthood and Hannibal drama nominations?) and change (Downton Abbey, again? Melissa McCarthy over Mindy Kaling?) were especially infuriating this year.

Rather than try to predict how the Television Academy will vote, I decided I would just fill out a ballot picking my favourites from each category. Here’s whose box I’d mark an X in, if I could vote. 

Emmy ballot 2014 Chris Hanna

You can download your Emmy own ballot via Yahoo/Scribd. The Emmys air on NBC/CTV on Monday, Aug. 25, starting at 8 p.m. They’re hosted by Seth Meyers.


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