SNL recap: Jim Carrey and Iggy Azalea

SNL Jim Carrey

For the first time in a long time, I did not watch all of Saturday Night Live live.

It’s not because I didn’t think last night’s episode, hosted by SNL alum Jim Carrey, a staple of my childhood, wasn’t spectacular. And I wish I could say it’s because as a 20-something, I had plans outside my house with people my age; or that I was protesting the show’s decision to book the intolerable Iggy Azalea as musical guest.

The boring truth is that I have been getting up around the same time for the last month because of a (great) new job, and I didn’t want to mess up my sleep pattern too much. I knew I wouldn’t be staying up late enough to watch the whole episode, so I didn’t do a live blog for this episode like I’ve been doing almost every episode since last season. I tweeted some for the first hour or so of the show, but very distinctly remember shutting off Update during Bobby Moynihan’s latest appearance as Drunk Uncle.

I watched yesterday’s episode hosted by a fully committed and game Carrey this morning, skipping through commercials (I’m finally remembering that I am able to do this with the gizmo that is PVR) and Iggy Azalea , and continue to be impressed with this season of Saturday Night Live. The Carrey episode has been the best so far, mostly because of his infectious energy. It’s no surprise, then, that the weakest sketch of the night was the cold open, which mocked the Ebola Czar. It was the only sketch that was Carrey-less. I want to commend SNL for continuing to attempt to remain topical, but by Saturday, the jokes they do in these political cold opens have often been done to death by late-night hosts – heck, even Twitter. (Though maybe this is done on purpose, to make the dismal monologues they’ve been churning out this season – with the exception of the perfect Sarah Silverman monologue – look great by comparison.)

It was an odd night and a Halloween-themed episode; rather than grade each sketch, here are the three that are most worth your time:

Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials

They are so ridiculous, and so ripe for spoofing, and this was so unexpected an impersonation for Carrey, but it all came together and worked. Odd to the 10th power. See the sketch on YahooTV.

Carrey Family reunion

Basically what every conversation my cousins and I would have in the ’90s. The Carreys reunite (much like the Walkens have reunited on an SNL past) for a loving get-together full of classic one-liners from some of Carrey’s biggest film roles. See the sketch on YahooTV.

Office costume contest

Odd to the 50th power, but the physicality and commitment make this my favourite sketch of the night. In an office costume contest, Carrey and Kate McKinnon both show up as the dancer from Sia’s “Chandelier” music video. The tie-breaker is a dance-ff, and it’s a doozy. See the sketch on YahooTV.

What was your favourite sketch of the night?

Saturday Night Live continues to welcome its alum back next week, Nov. 1, with Chris Rock hosting. Prince will be the musical guest.


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