SNL recap: Chris Rock and Prince

SNL Chris Rock

The Saturday Night Live alum keep coming back to 30 Rock this season, with mixed results – Sarah Silverman delivered one of the best monologues ever, Bill Hader was mostly upstaged, and an uneven Jim Carrey episode was energy-filled.

It was Chris Rock’s turn to host last night. Rock was a SNL cast-member from 1990 to 1993 and had no problem leveraging his stint on the sketch-comedy show into a huge career in stand-up and film. Top Five, a film he writes, directs and stars in, will open in December (It has already received tremendous reviews, like this one from The Hollywood Reporter when Top Five screened at TIFF.)

Save the monologue, this episode of Saturday Night Live was a terrible showcase for Rock’s talents, with almost every sketch veering into predictable territory and Rock performing his signature outrage half-heartedly, not to mention some very real and noticeable technical difficulties (What was that cue card mess-up in the Uber sketch, and people flubbing lines, and missing their mark or shoddy blocking?) throughout the show.

Here are the three bits from last night’s Saturday Night Live most worth your time:

Chris Rock’s almost eight-minute monologue: Totally in his element and delving into very controversial territory in poking fun at the Boston Marathon bombing and 9/11. The audience was audibly and understandably uncomfortable, but I liked his bit on rebuilding the Freedom Tower in the same spot at the Twin Towers. “I got robbed on 48th and 8th 20 years ago. I haven’t been back to 48th and 8th.” Watch the monologue on Mashable.

Prince’s eight-minute medley: A performer unlike any other, Prince blessed us all with an eight-minute medley last night. Watch Prince’s performance on The Concourse.

Swiftamine: Adults who get vertigo when they realize they like … Taylor Swift. So simple, so brilliant, and one of the few sketches from last night that made me lol. Watch it on


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